Iguana of rock – IGGY POP –


Iguana of rock –  NZ Herald 27 January 1987

After 20 years of life in the fast lane, Wildman IGGY POP isenjoying his most successful period ever. He plays here next week, and he spoke to DOMINIC ROSKOW from Paris about his career and the bands he’s influenced.

“I’VE ben trought it all. I’ve been thepuppet, the dupe, the junkie, and I’ve come trough it and proved I’m the equal to mention.” Iggy Pop’s a survivor. It’s just over 20years since he set about self-destructing with the Stooges, and you’d have been a brave person to bet that he would see out the decade.

It’s about 10 years since he made the statement above, at a time that, for all the bravado, was one of unhappiness for the artist. Given his sttuttering career, his spells in mental institution and his seemingly limitlees capacity for drugs and alcohol, you’d have been a mug to pick him as a centender in the 80s.

And yet here we are, the final decade of the century just over the next hill, and Iggy is rushing ahead like an excited child while the rest of us struggle to keep up.

HE’S 41 now, enjoying as successful a period in his career as he’s ever had, and next week he’s breezing into New Zealand, for a couple of a shows that take the gig total on this current tour well past the hundred mark. Not bad for a man whose former lifestyle makes climbing electricity pylons tame by comparison.

“I couldn’t have done tours like this back in those days,” he says. “We were just a weekend band back then. “Nowadays I have an enormous advantage because in my early 20s I was on so many drugs it slowed me right down. As I get older I take less and less drugs and I have more and more energy. It means I’ll probably be reaching my peak in my 70s.”

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