BARNESTORMING LIVE – Sunday News 22 Jan ’89 –

BARNESTORMING LIVE – Sunday News 22 jan’89

Jimmy Lets loose on Kiwi audience

ROUGH-shaven, hard rockin’ Aussie Jimmy Barnes has been a busy man since he toured New Zealand last year.
“Since I played in New Zealand I’ve pist together the Barnestorming live album,” Jimmy told me during an interview from Australia. “I’ve always wanted to do a live album and I thought it was about time to do it. “People regard me more as a live performer than a studio artist there’s more opportunity to let loose.

“For the Barnestorming album we recorded shows where we thought there would be a good audience reaction,” he told me. “We recorded three Shows. Two outdoor to Crowds of between 30,000 and 40,000. and the other to 8000 .at an indoor Melbourne concert. “All of the venues were really good but we ended up using more of the indoor show because it was a bit more controlled as far as the band was Concerned.

“You can’t pick a performance on crowd reaction alone. If the band locks together as a unit then that’s what you go for.” Barnes said a lot of material off the Barnestorming LP will feature in his upcoming New Zealand three-city visit which begins in Christchurch before moving to Wellington and Auckland.

“I’m looking forward to going back there,” he said. “With Iggy Pop it’s a great bill and should be. pretty wild.”Jimmy’s latest single the remake of Percy Sledge’s When A Man Loves a Woman will be on the play list. “I’ve always done the odd cover version of different songs in my shows and this one has always been a favourite of mine. “It was just co-inci dence I suppose that it was a hit. The record company chose it as a single because it was something I hadn’t released before, whereas the rest of the album is like a great est hits live.

“There’s lots of other songs I do covers of but I change them regularly. “Jimmy said one one day he would like to crack’the British market particularly his birthplace,Scotland.”I piayed in England recently and was hoping
I could get to Scotland but unfortunately I haven’t got enough, relatives or fans to fill a hall,”hejoked. “And besides. I think the crowds in England seem to he dominated by synthetic dance music at the moment whereas.
my music is more American orientated rock and roll.”

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