Ace guitarist enjoying Jagger Tour

The Christchurch Star 3rd Nov 1988

As well as heaving this year’s b,st-selling instrumental album, guitarist Joe Satriani is a member of Mick Jagger’ band. EVE FLAIN spoke to Satriani by telephone in Melbourne about Jagger, the concert in Auckland this. Saturday and his solo career.

“You’ve always gotta be careful when you’re around Mick. You never know what he’s going to do, he may wanna jump on top of you,bite you – you never know.

So says ace guitarist Joe Satriani of working with superstar Mick Jagger on his Australian and New Zealand tour.Satriani is enjoying his time as a member of Jagger’s band and is I looking forward to their only New Zealand concert at Auckland’s Western Springs on Saturday. The iguitarist has never been to New Zealand…

Satriani says Jagger is’an excellent entertainer and band leader. “He’s very, in tune with the audience and it makes for a good snow. For us, he has a really good sense of timing, he can improvise any arrangement.

“Mick has really good energy and the bands stay creative because of that.

” A guitarist who has taught the likes of Kirk Hammett of Metallica and Steve Vai from David Lee Roth’s band, Satriani had to wait before getting the nod from Jagger. “Mick’s bass player, Doug Wimbish, met me in Chicago in the summer of ’87 and was the first one of the Jagger group to recommend me. He kept plugging away but it was not until January 1988. They decided to bring me in for an audition.

“Satriani said he has started a lot of friendships as well as professional relationships by working in the Jagger band. As for being invited to play on Jagger’s next album Satriani is not sure. “Anything’s. Possible but we’ve not discussed it. “Satriani achieved worldwide chart success this year with his second album, “Surfing With The Alien,The album, written, arranged and produced by Satriani, made the top 40 here and was in the top 100 in the U.S. for 46 weeks.A guitarist for 18 years and always with a leaning to the heavier side of rock, Satriani believes the current heavy metal/ hard rock revival is good for the’music industry.

“Any time music from the past, come to speak, comes back it’s healthy. Any time new music comes on the scene it’s also very healthy. I regard all trends as just a really good cycling of ideas.

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